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Author: Elizabeth Reardon

 A place to connect

Walk into a Peer Recovery Support Center and you might find a recovery meeting taking place. You may see someone in distress being comforted or find someone searching for health insurance on a shared computer. You may find a group

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The Good Samaritan Law in Massachusetts

We all generally understand the Good Samaritan as a person who helps another in difficulty or distress. As the opioid epidemic becomes a reality for so many families, more and more people suffering from substance use disorder are in need

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Paths to Recovery: Recovery Coaches

Massachusetts—like other states across the country—has gotten creative in its response to the toll that addiction is taking on our families and communities. Recovery coaching, offered at Peer Recovery Support Centers and in some emergency rooms, is one creative strategy

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Paths in recovery: healing with music

Early sobriety can be difficult. You learn from others how to take uncomfortable steps that help you stay sober until it begins to feel more natural. It is truly a new way of living life and the more support you

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Reflections on Recovery Month

Just what does it look like to live in recovery from a substance use disorder? How does one travel the road from being driven to use alcohol and other drugs despite the consequences, to living a life free from that

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Recovery Day 2016: Moving on from addiction

Awareness of the opioid epidemic has increased dramatically in the past few years, both across our state and our country. The pain and powerlessness of those addicted to opiates, alcohol, and other drugs is being pulled out of the shadows

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